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What if my voicemail won't play?

There are several possibilities. Make sure that your computer has the software to play your messages. The Assistant' messages are in MP3 format, and your computer needs software that supports MP3 to play back your messages. Microsoft Windows Media Player and Nullsoft's WinAmp both support MP3. Click here to get WinAmp or click her to get Windows Media Player. The audio downloads area has specific instructions for installation and usage. Take a look at your computer speakers. Make sure the speaker volume is set to an adequate level. Make sure that your computer volume setting is set to play sounds at an adequate level. Check this setting by clicking the right mouse button on the small yellow speaker icon in the Taskbar. Select Open Volume Controls, and adjust the Master Volume Setting. If this problem persists, please e-mail or phone Customer Care.

Can I play/delete/forward more than one message at a time?

Yes. Mark the checkboxes (they appear to the left of the From column) of the messages you'd like to work with, and then select an action: Playing multiple messages streams each message to your player in succession. Deleting multiple messages removes all selected messages from your mailbox. Forwarding messages sends all of the selected messages together.

Can I sort my voice mail by something other than its time received?

Yes. Arrange your voice mail by clicking on any of the column headings. From sorts by contact; Phone sorts by phone number; Receive sorts by time; Length sorts by the size of the message. The icon next to the column heading indicates the current sort criterion, as well as the direction of the sort.

I know someone left me a message, but it hasn't appeared on my web page. What should I do?

Click on Check for Voice Mail. It looks for new messages that have arrived since your web session started.

How do I view my faxes?

You need image viewing software to view the Assistant's faxes. Faxes are in two image formats: TIFF and PDF. You can select your image format preference in the Web Preferences section in the My Account directory page.For TIFFs, the Microsoft Windows Imaging application works well. Windows Imaging is included with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. By selecting a fax and clicking View, Windows Imaging will automatically display the fax. For viewing faxes as PDFs, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once downloaded and installed, the Acrobat Reader will display the fax.

My fax doesn't look right in my viewer. What should I do?

Certain faxes may be compressed or discolored when they are opened directly from the web page. The actual file, however, is intact. Simply save the file to your hard drive and open it using your image viewer.
I'd like my faxes forwarded as TIFFs, not PDFs. What can I do? The default setting for forwarded faxes is PDF, but this setting can be changed in the Web Preferences section in the My Account directory page.

Can I view/delete/forward more than one fax at a time?

Yes. Mark the checkboxes (they appear to the left of the From column) of the messages you'd like to work with, and then select an action. Viewing multiple messages sends each message to your viewer in succession. Deleting multiple faxes removes all of the selected faxes. Forwarding messages sends all of the selected faxes together.

Can I sort my faxes by something other than time received?

Yes. Arrange your faxes by clicking on any of the column headings. From sorts by contact; Phone sorts by phone number; Receive sorts by time; Length sorts by the size of the message. The icon next to the column heading indicates the current sort criterion, as well as the direction of the sort.

I'd like to make a paper copy of my fax. How do I print it?

Use the print function of your image viewer to create a hard copy. Printing from your browser will work in most cases as well.

What's the difference between PDF and TIFF?

TIFF is strictly an image format, like the GIFs or JPEGs seen on most web pages. TIFFs simply allow for more detail and are therefore larger files. PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) files are searchable, hyper-linkable documents viewable on every major computer platform.

Conference Calls
I want to change the time and date of a conference I've already scheduled? What do I do?

Check the checkbox to the right of the conference you need to change. Click on Edit. You will be taken to the Currently Scheduled Conference page. Change the Date and Time as appropriate. Then click on Save.

How should I tell people about a conference they should attend?

Create a Contact List with your conference participants and compose an e-mail or fax to them through your Assistant.

What's the difference between Starting, Editing, and Managing a conference?

Conferences can be started before their scheduled time or before participants have been added. Once started, parties can be added, muted, or dropped. Editing a conference changes the scheduled start date and time. Managing a conference allows you to add, drop, or mute parties once the conference has participants.

Can I Manage conferences before they've begun?

You may start conferences before the scheduled time has arrived. Technically, this is Starting, not Managing a conference, but the ability to add, drop, or mute parties is the same. Also, parties may access the conference over the phone with the Join the Conference command.

How long after they're over do conferences disappear?

Conference cleanup procedures remove conferences approximately 24 hours after the scheduled time. If there is any doubt as to whether a conference number will be removed, always schedule a new conference.

Scheduling a Conference
I need to schedule a conference for 3:05 P.M., but I'm only allowed to schedule by ten-minute increments. What should I do?

Always schedule conferences for earlier rather than later dates. For this particular conference, scheduled for 3:00 P.M.

I know I'm scheduling a conference by time, but how do I deal with time zones?

Conferences are scheduled by the time zone you've indicated in My Account: Phone Information.

How far in advance can I schedule a conference?

Your Assistant will always allow conferences to be scheduled for at least a year in advance.

Active Conference
Why is there a separate area for Add Yourself?

It's a matter of convenience. Add Yourself allows you to dial one of your own phone numbers, like your home or cell, with a single click. After all, you'll want to participate in the conference you scheduled, won't you?

Can I add multiple contacts at once?

No, you may only add one contact or dial one phone number at a time.

I dialed someone but they didn't join the conference. What happened?

Most likely, they did not answer the phone. When parties enter or leave a conference, the personal assistant plays two short beeps to all listening on the phone. If your call from the web is not connected, two beeps will be played.

I've tried to join a conference call from the phone, but I am not connected. What's wrong?

Attempt to join the conference again. There is always the chance that speech recognition has been thwarted by phone connections and or fussy microphones. If the problem persists, please contact customer support.

Configuring Your Account Online
Can I set up my Assistant's behavior in My Account?

Yes. From the My Account screen, click on the Options and Security link. Here you'll be able to change your assistant's personality and customize the way your assistant presents you to your callers.

What are Call Records? Do they also contain fax, pager, and e-mail activity in my account?

Call records describe the calling activity in your account. Every incoming, outgoing call, fax and page are recorded in these records. You can select call records by day, week or month.

I don't understand the legend for my call detail records (CDR's), example: What is a "session"? Why does an inbound and outbound call show as being done simultaneously, with a few seconds difference?

Session is when you dial up your tagline and do not initiate a call. You get your voice mail, change your setting etc.

Outbound and Inbound - Probably one of the most misunderstood parts of billing invoice.First - tagline customers only pay for the Inbound calls. Repeat this to all callers who ask "you only pay for the inbound portion". So do they really care what outbound is all about? This does NOT mean you are not charged for out bound calls. It is just our terminology.

For example: You dial into your tagline and place a call five minutes long; then with out exiting, you place another call also five minutes long. The CDR's would show and inbound call of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. It would also show two five minute outbound calls.

Conference Calls - The second most misunderstood part of the billing invoice. On a conference call tagline would generate 2 CDR's, one for inbound & another for conference, potentially a third outbound too if you invite a new participant. This doesn't mean you are being charged 3 times. The conference minutes "overide" any other usage charges and are billed at 10 cents per min. You aren't charged for both the inbound and conference. Also conference minutes do not affect your minute bucket. If you have 400 minutes per month and only use 200 minutes in calls and 100 minutes in conference calls the conference calls would be billed separately at 10 cents per minute per leg. They would not be deducted from your minute bucket.

For Example:

  Your CDR's Will Show:  
You listen to a couple vmails 5 mins Inbound- total length of call 40 mins
Check an email 5 mins Outbound 5 mins
Make a phone call 5 mins Conference 20 mins
Make another phone call 5 mins    
Join a conference 20 mins    

Our billing engine deducts the conference from the inbound portion so you'd be billed 20 min of usage + 20 min of conference. Make sense?

Don't forget the website CDR's are purely for visual representation and do not accurately reflect charges. Customers can view the CDR's and download to an Excel spread sheet, sort the data and eliminate the outbound calls but the conference calls will muddle the totals so the results will be good approximation of their use but they are not totally accurate.

My Account
options and security

What's Barge-Thru? Why would I turn it off?

Barge-thru allows you to interrupt the assistant and give a command. It's useful most of the time, except when you have entered noisy environments with sudden, loud sounds that the assistant might confuse with voice commands. Before entering these environments, turn Barge-Thru off.

What happens to my callers when I turn off Call Screening?

Turning off Call Screening also turns off Call Waiting. Your calls will be sent to voice mail while you are talking to another party through the assistant.

What happens to my callers when I deactivate my caller options?

Instead of being presented with a menu of options (such as Find Them, Take a Message, or Join a Conference), your callers will be asked for their name (if Call Screening is on) and then will be put on hold while the assistant dials your call transfer setting.

I entered a new password and it was rejected as trivial. What does "trivial" mean in this context and what should I enter as a new Security Code or password?

Your password should not be your name or the last few digits of your assistant number, these examples are what are called "trivial". Trivial passwords are so simple that they are easy to guess. Your password should be at least 8 characters and should include both letters and numbers. A good idea is to use a name of the pet with letters substituted for numbers, such as "rov3rd0g" (roverdog).

I have a Blackberry Pager. How do I change my settings to get it to work with my tagline?

The set up required to incorporate the Blackberry into tagline is as follows: From "My Account" go to "Security Options" Select "email w/o attachments regular messages" + "email w/o attachments urgent messages" Save and go back to "My Account" Then got to "Personal Destinations" Select "Pager Numeric Data" and enter your pager number here. Save your settings and you should be good to go.

Call Transfer

How does Follow Me work? When should I use it?

Follow Me works by sending calls to your current location. When you move to a new phone you'll need to be reached at, simply call the assistant, initiate a session, and your calls will be transferred to the phone you're calling from. Use Follow Me when you are on the road moving from office to office. Also use Follow-Me when you'll be at your desk most of the day, but will occasionally need calls sent to your cellular phone. A quick call to the assistant from your cellular phone assured you that you won't be missing any calls.

How does Call Blast work? When should I use it?

Call Blast sends calls to up to four of your phones at the same time. When you accept the call at one of your phones, the rest will stop ringing. Use Call Blast to save on your cellular bill. Blast calls to both your office and cellular phone. Take every call you can at your office phone when you are there, and grab calls on the cellular when you are on the run.

How do I change the phone numbers in the Single Destination transfer option?

Go to the My Accounts directory page and click on the Call Transfer link. Then click on the To a single telephone number link, which takes you to a page of settings for single destinations call transfers.

I've transferred my calls to a phone number over the web, but the phone isn't ringing. What's up?

Make sure that you clicked on Save after making your selection of a radio button from the phone number choices.


Why does a number appear in the text field? I never entered such a number!

Your Assistant automatically fills the "Any phone number" field with the number from which you dialed. You can change this number if manual updates are more convenient for you.

Can I change the Follow Me number by hand?

Yes. Manual changes to the Follow-Me number are accepted. Just remember to click Save when you've finished with your changes.

Single Destination

Where can I change these phone numbers?

Change your Home, Office, Mobile, and Cellular numbers in My Account: Personal Destinations.
Not all of my contacts have phone numbers. They have e-mail addresses.

Can I transfer calls to them?

Only contacts with phone numbers will be listed under the Call Transfer list.

What's the difference between "Cellular" and "Mobile"?

We've used "Mobile" to signify your car phone or your second cellular phone. "Cellular" is, of course, your cellular phone.

Call Blast

To how many phones can I send a Call Blast?

Four at a single time.

Can I Call Blast to more than one contact?

You may Call Blast to only one contact at a time.

Is Follow Me on if I choose it as a Call Blast selection?

The Follow Me field appears under Call Blast to allow Follow Me users to transfer calls to their latest Follow Me number. However, the Follow Me functionality is not active at the same time Call Blast is active.

Call Transfer Rules

Why would I enable or disable a rule?

The most common uses for rules are on-call scenarios. During normal days, your Assistant's call transfer settings are in effect. However, during evenings and weekends, some users will allow calls from certain caller Ids to reach them no matter where they are. When these users are not on call, they do not need to be found. Rather than have them delete and recreate the rule every time they go on or off call, your Assistant allows them to disable and enable the rule.

What happens when I disable all of my rules?

Your existing Call Transfer setting will be in effect.

What happens when I create rules that contradict each other (have calls transferred to Office number and voice mail at the same time)?

The rule entered first will be enforced. The mostly recently added rule appears first on your list of Rules.

Can I retrieve recently deleted rules?

Sadly, no. Deleted rules are gone forever.

Call Records

Why should I spend time with these records?

These records detail your Assistant's usage. You'll need to double-check them for accuracy. Also, they are a convenient way to track the day's callers.

What does each column in this table mean?

Date/Time: The date and time the call/fax/page was sent/received.
Type: Call, Voice Mail, Conference, Fax or Page.
Source: The caller ID or fax ID.
Dir: Inbound (a call made to your Assistant) or Outbound (a call/fax/page made from your Assistant).
Conference: Conference number (if relevant).
Destination: Caller ID of call.
Length: Duration of the call.
Outcome: Connect or Failure.

What if I don't have Microsoft Excel on my computer?

You will not be able to use the Export to Excel feature, as it requires that Excel be installed and active on your system.

How does the Export to Excel work?

When you click on the Export to Excel button, your Personal Assistant runs Excel on your system, collects the data from the Call Records you specified into a file, opens a spreadsheet and transfers the file into the spreadsheet. You may then give the Excel spreadsheet a name and save it to your hard drive, and exit Excel.