"We all look for an edge in business. Tagline has provided that “edge”. When my customers call my toll-free number, my personal assistant makes me appear to be a bigger business. Not a day goes by that I do not hear, “hey that system is pretty cool”. I commute an hour a day and the feature of listening and answering emails by voice saves me time and gives me a unique edge. All of my contacts are inside Tagline so I do not have to worry about transferring contacts to a new phone. When colleagues complain that their fax is down, they come to me to ask to use my Tagline, as it is never down. The call transfer feature keeps me active wherever I am. I have had Tagline for 4 years and never plan to let it go, it fits my hectic business schedule. I have always recommended Tagline to friends and business associates."

Philip W. Wertz

"I broadcast a radio talk show in Los Angeles and have done so for the last 14 years. It’s a call-in computer and technology show. For the last several years, I have used Tagline to help me deal with a large number of calls that come in. I can give out my toll-free Tagline number and then get calls from listeners, companies and people what want to appear on my show – it would just be overwhelming without Tagline – I couldn’t imagine working without it. Being able to screen calls in advance is a brilliant touch, and one I take advantage of every day. Using Tagline is like having my own personal staff 24/ 7 – and it is so affordable. Thank you Tagline. Keep up the great work."

Jeff Levy

"As a mother of seven children who have all been roaming most of North America- from just around the corner to thousands of miles away - I have been greatly comforted knowing they are just a toll-free call away. When they were small, I taught them the number, telling them if they ever found themselves in a predicament, they could find me in an instant. As they grew older and more respomsible, I found joy in being able to hear their voices from such locations as Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver, L.A., Ft. Lauderdale, Greely, Ketchican, Denver, Baltimore, and the pay phone (asking for a ride home) in our own home town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Naturally, I use the service to conduct business, and to keep in touch with friends and relatives too. As well, my elderly Mom has access to me whenever she wants to chat. When my son was confined to a hospital bed, he was easily able to call family and classmates decreasing his anxiety and mine. Naturally, the email and faxing functions are almost taken for granted. What amazing technology! The value of Tagline cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Thanks a billion."


"I needed a phone system that would ultimately ‘grow’ with my business, address the unique needs of a bilingual customer base (Quebec), manage my faxes and voice mail through superior technology, and be AFFORDABLE!! Enter Tagline – and it has been my ‘best’ executive-assistant since 2004."

Jocelyne M Monette
Compagnons Eternels/ Eternal Companions

"I have been using the Tagline product for many years and found it to be a fundamental part of my business communication processes. Having spent many years in the service industry, I have always maintained a high level of communication between myself, associates and clients. In this day-and-age when we have so many forms of communication available to us, I find that Tagline helps me effectively coordinate multiple forms of communications through one pipe line. It really allows me to keep on top of all of my communications by allowing me to manage them in a user-friendly and efficient approach. Tagline has also helped elevate our professional communications for our multiple companies, as we have received many compliments from our clients on our professional telephone answering system."

Clive Stanley

"Tagline is an indispensable part of our business. We have both local and national clients who can call one convenient toll-free number. Our Tagline can be forwarded to our main business line, our home line or to our cell phone. You always know it’s a Tagline call from the call display. Even better, we never miss a call because Tagline records inbound and outbound calls. Voicemail messages are easy to retrieve by phone or online. We have never gone over limit in the number of stored messages unlike a lot of other voicemail services. 'This mailbox is full' is something our clients never hear. It’s also a great way to receive faxes which are stored in a convenient PDF file for online retrieval. Tagline gives our company protection from identity theft and encourages our customers to call, because it’s on our dime, not theirs. That’s just good business."

July Ono
Pine Valley Investments LLP

"Having moved eight times in the last eight years, it is the one consistent thing in my life! My friends and business associates always know where to find me. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have a Tagline!"

Rajoo Kamal Wilnoff

"Thank you Tagline for your great service. We have been with Tagline for years and as a customer service oriented organization, we can honestly say that Tagline has proven to be our best customer service and satisfaction vendor."

Ty Reed
Vehicle Advantage

"My experience with Tagline has allowed me to relocate, change careers, and maintain one phone number, one email, and maintain constant contact with my professional network. The ability to receive messages online allows me to maintain a record of phone and fax messages online. Tagline has simplified my life and enabled unparalleled communication availability and choices! I can’t imagine my life without my Tagline."

Gail B. Corcoran & Associates

"Tagline has been a fantastic and cost-effective way for me to get my phone calls forwarded to me. It gives me the flexibility to have a traveling office, as everything gets directed to one phone number. I can run my business from anywhere in the world, having the comfort of having all communication sent to one place. I am extremely happy with the customer support and frequent upgrades to the site and implementation of new technologies. I have used Tagline for over 5 years now and look forward to many more."

Brian Smith
University Prospects

"I’ve been a Tagline user almost since the company started 10 years ago. It’s a service that I can’t be without. People can reach me toll-free from anywhere in North America, anytime and it doesn’t matter where I am. The call comes to my cell phone, my home phone, my work phone or any phone that I want it to. The fax capabilities are invaluable as I can get a PDF to my Blackberry/PC, view the fax and forward as an email to anyone anywhere. I’ve also had customers call me from the past that I’ve been able to do business at my new job. Conference calls on the go, where else can I do that? I'm a Tagline customer for life."

Bob Munro

We've used Tagline for years to keep our high-intensity, high-profile patient base alive. When a high-profile patient calls, we need to hear it! Thanks to Tagline, We've had our dream-come-true of 5 phones ringing at one time, simultaneously, ensuring that either we or our assistant can handle emergency calls on the spot. Just as nice, it announces which patient is calling and lets us decide the priority! There are many other features we have used, from "pay phone calling" via Tagline at airports when traveling, to faxing with Tagline. We've even used the advanced 'we call you' toll free conferencing built into Tagline."

Michael Earl

"Now in my 5th year as a Tagline customer, I rarely think about the company that handles the most important arm of my business - my communications. Each old, new and prospective customer must pass through this portal day in and day out. You know what they say about first impressions! I don't fret, worry or think about who handles my calls is testimony to the long-standing tradition of service and professionalism that is Tagline. I would like to say thanks to the hidden faces that make your service top rate."

Bud Fish
Pacific Educational Representatives

"People who call me are constantly telling me how much they like my service and want to get it for themselves. I consider this a great compliment. When I tell them the monthly payment includes the fax and voicemail feature also they really get excited and ask how they can get Tagline. I must have referred dozens of people to Tagline as a result of them hearing it and asking about it.”

William Tice
Integrity Medical Capital

'Tagline has allowed my organization to have a national presence by having a convenient and free way for people to contact us. It is also extremely useful and money-saving to be able to call anywhere in North America through the Tagline when on the road. I don’t pay long distance charges on my mobile to call my Tagline and then dial through it to anywhere I want!"

Landon James
Pacific Rim Nursing Consultants